Who We Are


To fight for public safety for both students and stakeholders.


To advocate for an improvement in safety conditions on the University of Texas at Austin campus and in surrounding areas–because every Longhorn deserves to feel safe.

SafeHorns is an advocacy group created and run by University of Texas at Austin parents who came together because of one common goal: to fight for public safety of students and stakeholders around the UT Austin campus and surrounding student neighborhoods. 

We commend the vast efforts of the University of Texas Police Department and Austin Police Department, but with over 50,000 Longhorns and around one million Austinites to look after, there are understandably security measures that fall through the cracks. For example, standardized lighting and emergency call boxes needed to be implemented where the majority of students reside.

The importance of public safety does not end once you step off campus. We advocate for public safety measures to continue reaching into the various neighborhoods surrounding the university, to ensure protection and safety where UT Austin themselves and the City of Austin aren’t doing enough.

This is where we step in.

All of our efforts are volunteer based, which means two things. First, team members are dedicating their time and energy out of true passion and care. And second, every penny received goes directly towards funding initiatives and various programs.

We are continuously fighting for solutions, advocating for increased safety measures, and building awareness. We are a proactive body- working to prevent, solve, and decrease danger in the community.

Whether you are a student, faculty, staff, or visitor –  you should be able to enjoy the areas surrounding the University of Texas at Austin without worrying about your safety.

We are an advocate for the people, a force against danger, and proud guardians of the Longhorn community.