Remembering Harrison Brown

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(1/7) Today, May 1, we remember Harrison Brown. However, before we tell his story we would like to take a moment to let those at UNC Charlotteknow that SafeHorns stand with you during this tragic time on your campus, we mourn for your loss.

Two years ago Harrison Brown was a University of Texas at Austin student, Class of 2020, and this is his story. #Report4Harrison

(2/7) Harrison Brown was from Graham, Texas. He loved singing, playing the guitar, and running track. He was also a Longhorn through and through and was ecstatic when he was accepted to UT. In the fall of his freshman year, he had tweeted, “I’m in love with this campus and the people...” He was a very active UT freshman attending classes and was looking forward to the end of the spring semester. He was a son, a brother, a friend, and an “All-Around Boy”…and like Haruka Weiser who lost her life on campus her freshman year, he too was taken much too soon. You see, on May 1st he was leaving Gregory Gym to walk across campus for class when the horrific happened. #Report4Harrison

(3/7) On the morning of May 1st, Harrison phoned his mother, Lori, to reassure her that he was awake for class and to tell her that he loved her, as he did every day while at UT. It was a typical Austin day except for the fact that there was someone on campus with a knife who would ultimately take Harrison's life outside of Gregory Gym and wound 3 other male UT students. #Report4Harrison

(4/7) The senseless murder of Harrison Brown struck The University of Texas at Austin to its core. And in the days following the murder, details would be shared of heroism and Harrison asking a stranger to call 911 first and then his mother, Lori, before he died from his wounds. #Report4Harrison

(5/7) Out of this tragedy, students and parents again found a source of strength. Working together, SafeHorns strengthened their mission to improve safety for The University of Texas at Austin for students, faculty, staff, and visitors on and around campus through on-going advocacy, strategic planning, and implementation. Harrison's mother, Lori, found purpose through her pain and together with Safehorns, the #Report4Harrison initiative was born. #Report4Harrison is a call to action to #Recognize dangerous situations, #Respond with appropriate action, and #Report emergency situation to 911 ASAP. Never assume someone else has made the call to emergency personnel. #Report4Harrison

(6/7) Members of the SafeHorns organization attended the trial for Harrison Brown's murder in 2018 and have continued to stay in contact with the Harrison family and those injured from that tragic day. And while Harrison’s memory will live on in the hearts of many, SafeHorns want to keep his spirit alive for those that come after him and celebrate his life. #Report4Harrison

(7/7) SafeHorns ask that you join us for an open mic night for #report4harrison. Please come and celebrate his love of music and remember all those who were impacted by the tragic events of May 1, 2017. We will also be celebrating the life of Haruka Weiser and honor her with a moment of silence, remembering her Bright Faith. The University of Texas at Austin The University of Texas at Austin Police Department (UTPD) Please join us. #Report4Harrison

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Joell McNew