Walk With Me Honoring Haruka Weiser


1 of 7 - Today we remember Haruka Weiser. She was a University of Texas at Austin Student, Class of 2019, and this is her story. We ask that you walk with us as we post her story below. “Walk with Me”

2 of 7- Haruka Weiser was from Beaverton, Oregon. Haruka, a University of Texas at Austin freshman, loved dance and her studies. She was your typical UT freshman student, engaging in the world around her, attending classes, and looking forward to the end of the spring semester. She was also a daughter, a sister and a friend…… and she was tragically taken much too soon. You see, on the night of Sunday, April 3rd, 2016 she left her dance rehearsal and walked alone back to her dorm. “Walk with Me”

3 of 7- When she left the dance rehearsal to walk back to her dorm, she had no idea that there was someone watching and waiting. She fought her attacker but was overpowered by his size. She was murdered on campus on her way home from rehearsal. “Walk with Me” https://bit.ly/2UmpZWI

4 of 7 - The murder of Haruka Weiser shook The University of Texas at Austin to its core. “Walk with Me” https://atxne.ws/2FLSZO9

5 of 7– Out of this tragedy, students and parents found a source of strength. Working together, SafeHorns was created to improve safety for The University of Texas at Austin students, faculty, staff, and visitors on and around campus through on-going advocacy, strategic planning, and implementation. Some of our members attended the trial for Haruka Weiser’s murder in 2018 and The University of Texas at Austin Theatre and Dance created Resurrection, 2018 in her honor. “Walk with Me” https://vimeo.com/278722234

6 of 7-While her memory will live on in the hearts of many, we want to keep her spirit alive for those that come after her. Due to this evening's weather, we have postponed our “Walk With Me in Memory of Haruka Weiser” event. But we would like to share that the organization, Victims Against Violence, is hosting an event to Take Back the Night this evening and will be having a moment of silence in her honor. "Walk with Me"

7 of 7 – Haruka Weiser June 1997-April 2016. In memory of #HarukaWeiser One act of kindness may not change the world, but it can change someone's world. Make the world a better place. #BrightFaith#UT19 #ShineBright #WeWillNotForget #PassItOn"Walk with Me"https://bit.ly/2WJUJhE

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Joell McNew